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Top Gig Economy Jobs For Young People

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While some indicators show the economy as booming, many people – especially younger people – are struggling to make ends meet. The available jobs and the available workers just don’t seem to be in the same locations. Many potential workers also have obligations they need to work around – family care, school, or another part time job that isn’t making enough money.

Enter the gig economy. The gig economy refers to the ability to do work on your own schedule to get paid. These are some of the top gig jobs for young workers; check them out and see what can add to your bank balance.

Amazon Flex

If you are 21 years old and are strong enough to carry basic packages, Amazon Flex might be the perfect job for you. Amazon has been struggling to fulfill its Prime delivery option promises for some time, and Amazon Flex is one of its solutions. You need to be able to get from place to place while carrying packages, so a car is probably helpful. And as always, the more you can deliver at once, the better off you will be.


Lyft might be the most well-known gig platform. Everyone knows the drill; you have a reliable, clean car, you accept rides through an app, and you drive people where they’re going. Many riders have come to prefer Lyft or other ride apps because the cars are often cleaner than traditional taxies, the drivers use GPS, and the rides are often more affordable. You can make some money driving Lyft, although the company has come under scrutiny in recent years, and getting riders has become somewhat more competitive as users join the platform.


Have a power tool you only use once in a while? A great 3D printer and extra time for it to be used? A photography drone gathering dust? Rentah lets you rent out your goods to your neighbors. Whether you’re selling time with a motorcycle, high quality sound equipment, or specialized cooking items, you set the value of the product and your neighbors decide if it’s what they want to rent. 


Everyone loves to get delivery, but not all restaurants are willing to deliver. Enter DoorDash and other similar food delivery apps. The customer places an order through the website, and you pick it up at the restaurant and deliver it to them. Reliable transportation is a must, but if you’ve got some free time, this is a way to fill it and earn a little cash.


Whether you’re offering pet care, child care, respite care, or more, Care.com is a great place to advertise your services. People go to Care.com expecting workers who have been vetted and gotten a background check, so they feel safer letting people into their homes. You can apply for jobs or create a profile and let those who need care search for you.


Gigwalk offers all sorts of jobs in its app and lets you go all over your area to try and find some extra work. You can apply for jobs through a search or a map function, and all reporting is done through the app on your phone. Gigwalkers do jobs like secret shops, checking that a store’s products are properly stocked, and similar tasks.

Movers Corp

When someone needs a moving company for a local move or moving helpers to do a heavy lifting around their home, they may not want to go through an expensive service. Movers Corp is their answer, and you get to be the solution. Moving companies an average people will list whatever jobs they can provide; customers scan them regularly and choose the ones they want based on the prices, reviews, and availability. This is a great way to make some money in your spare time, since you choose the hours you want to work.

Hubstaff Talent

There are plenty of platforms out there for freelancers looking to market their skills, whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, or administrative assistant. Hubstaff Talent isn’t as big as some other platforms, but the jobs seem to be more carefully curated. You do need to apply for jobs, but the platform is free, unlike other alternatives.

There are lots of gig economy options out there; if you’re looking for a job on the side, make sure you’re careful about what you choose, especially before you give out bank information. Search for other gig workers experience with companies and make sure you trust what you’re reading before you opt in or out of any one platform.



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