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3 Creative Ways Small Businesses Are Using Snapchat

If you are between 12-24 years old, chances are that you’ve known about Snapchat for years; if you are between 25-34, you’ve probably heard...
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5 Ways To Get Working Capital For Your Business

Many companies focus on getting working capital, especially in the fields of science and technology. This makes sense; with venture capitalists making prime time...

What Does It Mean To Be A Freelancer?

The words “freelancer” and “gig economy” get tossed around a lot in our modern economy. They aren’t exactly the same, though their meanings are...

Who is a Solopreneur or Solo Entrepreneur

The term solopreneur is gaining in popularity in the modern economy, where up to a third of the American workforce is working for themselves....

6 Tricks For Growing Your Small Business On LinkedIn

At the most basic level, LinkedIn is a social network for businesses and professionals. It is a place for those within an industry to...
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9 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Social Sharing

If you have a website for personal or commercial use, chances are you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is a way...
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PayPal’s Acquisition of Swift Financial Expands Lending to SMBs

In 2013, two years before it spun off from parent company eBay, PayPal began offering small business loans in limited amounts to its customers....

4 Biggest Challenges New Business Owners Have to Face

As far as most people are concerned, we live in the age of entrepreneurship and it feels like everyone is starting a business. A...
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9 Small Business Ideas That Cost Less Than $100

Many people think of small business ownership and imagine investing thousands of dollars into a franchise or receiving millions of dollars from investors. While...
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How To Get Certified As A Woman Owned Business

In the business community, we often discussed businesses that are owned by women, and talk about the special programs and contract opportunities that exist...


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