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Outreach Coordinator at Direct Elevator PR. I help small and medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations reach new customers, retain current ones and engage with them in profitable ways.
solopreneur challenges

Challenges in Starting a Solo Business

In recent years, the trend of solopreneurship has grown significantly, changing the way we view business ownership. The solopreneur sector has seen...
woman solopreneur

First Steps for New Solopreneurs

Solo entrepreneurship refers to an individual's endeavor to start and run a business on their own. It's significant for its role in...

Unlocking Success: Solopreneur Marketing on LinkedIn

In today's digital age, solopreneurs have a wealth of opportunities to showcase their skills and expand their businesses. LinkedIn, the world's largest...

Pandemic Leads to a Boom in Home Remodeling Business

Many people are considering investing the money they saved up from not going out (restaurants, vacations, and trips) into home remodeling or...
product gift

Promotional Product Ideas that Improve your Brand Recognition and Creates Trust Around Your Brand

No business can do without its customers. No matter what products you sell or services you render, you still need customers--and happy...
business travel

8 Top Cities in Europe for Business Travel

As the most popular business destination in the world, New York City has – and is likely to continue to – reigned supreme...
young person

Top Gig Economy Jobs For Young People

While some indicators show the economy as booming, many people – especially younger people – are struggling to make ends meet. The...
real estate agent

Pros And Cons Of Starting Your Own Real Estate Business

Many people are wondering what the real estate business is all about. If you've been a real estate agent for years, you...
baby child mother

8 Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Parents Under $1000

With the cost of childcare far outpacing the average family's wages, more and more families choose to have one parent stay home...
excited female

7 Golden Rules For Effective Small Business Management

Small businesses aren't just big businesses with less cash and fewer employees. Small businesses tend to run very differently than big businesses,...