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4 Visual Techniques to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

When you’re designing your webpage, you create some stellar text, choose a random format from your website host, and call it done,...
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How to Add Text Messaging to Your Marketing Campaign

It’s official; Americans love our smartphones. In particular, we love texting. We can send a message at any time of day and...
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Is Permission Marketing Really Necessary For Small Businesses?

Starting a business can be expensive. You need to create marketing plan, build inventory, hire employees, get your physical marketplace ready. You may find...
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Top 5 Marketing and Business Mistakes Nokia Made That You Shouldn’t

Just a few years ago, Nokia was the dominant force and trendsetter in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. However, as of 2013, it had...
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Mega Pointers and Tips In Social Media Marketing

The rapid growth and dominance of social media today is something that can hardly be overlooked. We simply cannot turn a blind...
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6 Types of Blog Posts That Drive Traffic and Sales

When you're developing content for your website and social media channels, how quickly do you run out of ideas? It takes time to develop...
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4 Marketing Lessons from Hillary, Bernie and the Donald

Perhaps the simplest definition of sales and marketing is this: marketing is what you do to attract attention with the goal of...

What Do Small Businesses Get Wrong When Hiring Content Marketers?

We understand that content marketing seems simple initially. However, when you delve into SEO, SERP, keyword research, and other aspects, many entrepreneurs...
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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content Marketing

Everyone agrees that content marketing is a huge part of the current marketing scheme of any really successful company, and many experts say that...
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Why Content Marketing Works

Since 2002 Google has publicly announced all the algorithm updates they’re making with the sole purpose of improving customer experience. That’s almost...