Why Content Marketing Works

content marketing

Since 2002 Google has publicly announced all the algorithm updates they’re making with the sole purpose of improving customer experience. That’s almost fifteen years of work focused on a single Google product, its search engine.

Content marketing still works and it won’t stop anytime soon. You just need to plan your approach and choose the type of content you will create as well as the marketing channels you’ll use, all based on the data you gather about your target audience.

All of these updates had a sole purpose of providing the maximum value to the users of Google’s search engine. Couple of years ago you could stuff your front page with keywords in the background and do a little shady link building campaign and voila; you hit the first page in the SERPs.

You can try doing this today and you may even have some success at the beginning, but sooner or later Google’s going to catch up with you and exclude your site from search results or even worse, place you in the closed loop of penalized sites.

This is probably the best example out there that clearly depicts how important quality content is. Just scan through all those job proposals at Upwork and you’ll notice great deal of jobs titles “Experienced carpeting blogger” or “Professional insurance agent that can write” or “Journalist with SEO knowledge”.

You see, people in the digital marketing world understand the importance of high quality content and that’s why companies start to work on improving the set of communication channels they have on hand and focus on content variety.

There isn’t a perfect formula you can use when creating content, but you will most certainly need to work on the added value your content offers because this has become a focus point of every digital marketing strategy out there.

Outbound Marketing is Becoming Obsolete

One of the biggest advantages Internet brought to humanity is the ease of access to important information. It would be arrogant to think how the science of marketing would remain the same after this.

It would be great, if you’re an industry leading company, to still be able to invest your entire marketing budget in door to door marketing and TV commercials. You would get maximum exposure and the only thing placing you above the competition would be the amount of adverts you create for your business.

Although the advertising game is still huge, the evolution of Internet and the phenomenon of online communities triggered a shift of tides from outbound to inbound marketing.

Inbound or pull marketing isn’t a new thing in the world of economy, but it’s certainly a method that profited the most from the evolution of online entities like social mediums and communication channels.

The basic principle of pull marketing is to attract your audience to your brand through engagement. This means that you’ll need to build a brand image that shows how you care about your customers and you don’t always try to push your product in their ear.

To achieve all of this you’ll need a solid content marketing strategy resulting with the production of valuable content in the eyes of your audience that you’ll spread through communication channels your audience uses.

Content Can Easily Go Viral

Maybe easily is an overstatement, but the right type of content focusing on the audience that’s looking for it can go viral in no time.

Can you say the same for ads? Ok, some companies invest great deal of money in the creation and promotion of their products and they sometimes go viral, but these companies are usually corporations that can afford to build brand awareness.

It’s hard to say a facebook ad campaign where you outline the price of your product and have couple of lines of text will have greater success than a detailed high quality suggested post that actually solves a certain problem.

Build an Ongoing Relationship With Your Audience

You setup an AdWords campaign and start tracking your success rate and the level of your ROI. Crunching numbers every now and the, so you can get the perfect solution and increase the sales of your product, but what about repeated sales?

Is your goal to sell one product to hundred people or hundred products to one person? You should seriously consider what’s more important.

When you decide that building a relationship with your customers is more important than making a single sale, you can accept the fact that content combined with engagement represents the most powerful pair of tools you can use to start a conversation with your audience and convert your followers into advocates.

One of the best examples of content marketing used the right way lays hidden in the hardcore gaming industry. The nature of this niche doesn’t allow any transparency of your marketing efforts or low quality content. That’s something the team at Rock Paper Shotgun figured pretty early and managed to build an active loyal community of followers through the usage of valuable content in the form of reviews and podcasts. Now, RPS is the biggest competitor of industry giants like IGN and Games Radar.


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