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Marketing strategy news and resources for startups and self employed solopreneurs.

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What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing Programs For Your SaaS

We are all familiar with the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing. Bloggers or social media mavens sign up on your website to be affiliates...
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6 Strategies For Marketing Boring Products

Here’s a secret that isn’t commonly talked about in marketing circles: all products are boring if you’re looking at them wrong. A smartphone can...
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How to Add Text Messaging to Your Marketing Campaign

It’s official; Americans love our smartphones. In particular, we love texting. We can send a message at any time of day and know that...
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Is Permission Marketing Really Necessary For Small Businesses?

Starting a business can be expensive. You need to create marketing plan, build inventory, hire employees, get your physical marketplace ready. You may find...
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4 Marketing Lessons from Hillary, Bernie and the Donald

Perhaps the simplest definition of sales and marketing is this: marketing is what you do to attract attention with the goal of getting people...
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Small Business Marketing Ideas That Don’t Suck

When you start looking for ideas to market your small business, it can seem like every suggestion you can find is targeted towards a...
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Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business, creating a strong and motivated social media presence can help you expand the reach of your business. But knowing how...