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Business culture news and resources for startups and self employed solopreneurs.

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The Intersection of Solopreneurship and Minimalism

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of today's business realm, two compelling concepts have risen to prominence, exerting a significant influence on...
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Five Types of Crises Your Business Could Face

It would be best if you realized as a business owner that things do not always go as planned and that many...

Coronavirus Is Changing the Music Industry

The music industry has been rocked by the coronavirus. The impact on the music industry was swift, with the postponement of famous...
business travel

8 Top Cities in Europe for Business Travel

As the most popular business destination in the world, New York City has – and is likely to continue to – reigned supreme...

Who is a Solopreneur or Solo Entrepreneur

The term solopreneur is gaining in popularity in the modern economy, where up to a third of the American workforce is working...
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Key Tricks To Find Work-Life Balance As A Woman Entrepreneur

As women own and operate more businesses, there is growing interest in how women entrepreneurs can maintain a successful work-life balance. After...
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5 Proven Ways To Make Your Workplace A Happier Place

In a competitive marketplace, companies are always looking for a way to get ahead of the competition. Many employers look to increase...
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5 Stupid Rules That Make Women Quit Their Jobs

Anyone who pays any attention to current trends in business is well aware that numbers are showing what great CEOs have known for a...
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Welcome More Women To Your Organization By Championing Equality

One of the reasons that women tend to be woefully absent from top organizations is passive discrimination. This means that no one is deliberately...
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Early Signs of a Bad Place to Work

It's generally agreed that a job interview goes both ways. The company is interviewing a potential employee, getting a sense of the person behind...