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Human resources news and resources for startups and self employed solopreneurs.


What Does It Mean To Be A Freelancer?

The words “freelancer” and “gig economy” get tossed around a lot in our modern economy. They aren’t exactly the same, though their meanings are...
company employees

8 Human Resources Basics For Any Small Business

When you’re a single person business, you don’t need to worry about human resources in any meaningful way, but as soon as you start...
job interview

No Need to Look at Resumes to Hire the Right People

If you are a recruiter or a human resources manager, you probably deal with hundreds of resumes to look at, when choosing the right...
work management

Managing with Social Anxiety in a Collaborative Workplace

The classic work environment used to be everyone in their cubicle, shut away from everyone else. In the last few years, however, collaborative workplaces...
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Ins and Outs of Firing an Employee That Customers Love

As an employer, you may eventually find yourself in the difficult position of needing to terminate an employee who your customers love. This situation...
woman working for free

When Is It Okay To Work For Free?

From freelancers to business owners to professionals, there comes a certain level of success when people start to ask for favors. Maybe they want...
businessman and businesswoman

Working for Men-Owned or Women-Owned Businesses: What’s The Difference

Over the years, many reports and studies have looked at the differences between men and women entrepreneurs. Some studies have tried to conclude that...
finding contractor

Why Finding The Right Contractor Is Crucial For Your Business

As a business, whether you own or rent your business space, you will periodically find that you need to interact with contractors. Whether you're...