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Julia Novakovich is a freelance journalist and copywriter specializing in entrepreneurship and business development. She writes about women's roles in society, work and life values.
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Advantages That Come With Investing In MultiFamily Real Estate

Are you ready to start investing, but not sure where to start? Maybe you’re not interested in the stock market right now,...
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What Is It Really Like for Women to Invest in the Stock Market?

Believe it or not, the hidden truth is that women often make for better stock market investors! This won’t be too surprising...

Coronavirus Is Changing the Music Industry

The music industry has been rocked by the coronavirus. The impact on the music industry was swift, with the postponement of famous...
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Things You Should Know About Becoming an Investor

An investor is a person or group of people who commit capital with the expectation of financial return. Investment opportunities vary widely...
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5 Resources for Women Business Owners Seeking Working Capital

In the business world, much of the focus on gaining capital revolves around working capital. In the financial world, working capital is...
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Key Tricks To Find Work-Life Balance As A Woman Entrepreneur

As women own and operate more businesses, there is growing interest in how women entrepreneurs can maintain a successful work-life balance. After...

Why Smartwatches Haven’t Ignited Consumer Passion Yet

A lot of consumers may not have even noticed, while some may be lurking in the background watching developments unfold, but there...
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Data Shows Revenues Of Women-Owned Businesses Poised To Grow 30%

American Express OPEN has released its 2016 report on the state of women-owned businesses. For the first time this year, the report...
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How Business Consultants And Coaches Market Their Services

If you have a marketing story or a skill that you believe can help people or businesses succeed, then you might be able...
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Welcome More Women To Your Organization By Championing Equality

One of the reasons that women tend to be woefully absent from top organizations is passive discrimination. This means that no one is deliberately...