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Business management news and resources for startups and self employed solopreneurs.

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5 Things Men And Women Do Differently In The Business World

In the business world, there are many factors pushing for more gender equality in the workplace. While women often enter the business field at...

How Do You Get More Productive As A Solopreneur

Running a business all by yourself can be hard work and requires high levels of multitasking. But when you constantly switch gears and multitask,...
turn business around

Don’t Write Your Post-Mortem Yet: Turn That Business Around!

Whether you agree with the often-cited 80% failure rate for new businesses, or prefer the SBA's more optimistic 50% failure rate, the truth is...
worst business start

Worst Ways to Start a Business

How ready are you to start your business? Have you considered every factor, thought through every scenario, or are you mostly armed with a...