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Marketing Director at Digital Media Group, content marketing and digital PR agency based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.
woman talking with megaphone

Why Your Employees are Your Best Brand Advocates

When you think about creating and marketing your brand, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Your website, your...
learning marketing from kids

Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Your Kids

Kids are born marketers. They learn early how to get their parents to do their bidding. Think about your own experience, whether...
creating business logo

Why Are Logos So Important For Business Success

We frequently talk about the importance of your content, your brand, and your social media presence. But when was the last time...
small business marketing ideas

Small Business Marketing Ideas That Don’t Suck

When you start looking for ideas to market your small business, it can seem like every suggestion you can find is targeted...
social media

Social Media is No Longer Optional For Small Businesses

Social media matters! For companies of all types and sizes, having a social media presence can be the difference between success and...
writing content

Are You Marketing? Make Your Content Readable and Useful

There's a difference between sales and marketing. While sales, even in the most new conceptualizations, is about closing the deal, marketing has...
worst business start

Worst Ways to Start a Business

How ready are you to start your business? Have you considered all factors and thought through every scenario? Or are you relying...
successful entrepreneur

What It Takes To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Is entrepreneurship something you can learn? Sometimes, it seems like successful business people come from money. They can afford to attend expensive...