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Technology security news and resources for startup businesses and self employed solopreneurs.

technology trends

Why These 5 Technology Trends Will Dominate Future Standards

If there ever was a debate, it is over; technology dominates our modern world, and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable...
technology security risks

Technology Security Risks For Small Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses often face a difficult middle ground. They don't have the big budget that larger companies have to manage IT...
employee working

How Employees Put Your Data at Risk Without Realizing It

In every business, it's an acknowledged truth that your biggest risk will always be your own employees. Retail businesses see this and focus their...
keep information secure

Keep Your Online Information Secure Without Destroying Your Budget

More of our information is online than ever before, and with big industry hacks becoming almost commonplace, information security is on everyone's mind. If...