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Marketing Director at Digital Media Group, content marketing and digital PR agency based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.
business failure

4 Common Mistakes that Cause Businesses to Fail

8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months and approximately 50 percent of those will actually survive through their first five years. One...
marketing mistakes

Top 5 Marketing and Business Mistakes Nokia Made That You Shouldn’t

Just a few years ago, Nokia was the dominant force and trendsetter in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. However, as of 2013, it had...
woman on social media sites

Mega Pointers and Tips In Social Media Marketing

The rapid growth and dominance of social media today is something that can hardly be overlooked. We simply cannot turn a blind...
blog post

6 Types of Blog Posts That Drive Traffic and Sales

When you're developing content for your website and social media channels, how quickly do you run out of ideas? It takes time to develop...

What Do Small Businesses Get Wrong When Hiring Content Marketers?

We understand that content marketing seems simple initially. However, when you delve into SEO, SERP, keyword research, and other aspects, many entrepreneurs...
happy sad man

Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Every social media platform has things that it does very well, and other things that are less than ideal. As content marketers, it’s important...

4 Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field

Everyone in the marketing world is talking about content marketing and with good reason. Good content marketing can drive your business, position you as...
outsourcing content marketing

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content Marketing

Everyone agrees that content marketing is a huge part of the current marketing scheme of any really successful company, and many experts say that...
content marketing

Why Content Marketing Works

Since 2002 Google has publicly announced all the algorithm updates they’re making with the sole purpose of improving customer experience. That’s almost...
content writing machine

How To Build A Content Marketing Machine

When you're creating an online business, you hear, over and over, that you need to be a master of content marketing to...