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startup team

How To Get A Small Business Startup Loan

While bootstrapping your startup is the in thing in some crowds, for many businesses, loans are a key element of corporate funding. Whether a...
millennial entrepreneur

8 Tax Tips For Millennial Business Owners

A generation ago, doing your taxes for the first time generally involved sitting down with one of your parents and going through a 1040EZ...
money management

Small Business Money Management Ideas For Today’s Economy

The biggest obstacle for many small businesses to overcome is cash flow; in fact, Tim Berry says that 82% of businesses that fail do...
funding for businesses

Why You Don’t Need Funding To Be Successful

From Kickstarter to IndieGoGo, it sometimes seems like every single company is looking for a way to get funding, sometimes long before it even...
crowdfunding money

Is Crowdfunding Only about Money?

Over the last three years, crowdfunding has emerged as the unexpected champion of startup funding, so much so that its popularity is expected to...
woman seeking business financing

Is Your Business Ready To Seek Financing?

In the early days of your business, you run it out of your garage or a small space in your home. Maybe you rent...
business finance

Stay Cash Solvent In Your First Year Of Business

According to the Small Business Administration, almost 33% of businesses fail in their first two years of operation. While there are many different reasons...
business loan

Loan and Grant Funds Options for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, there are several different reasons that you may need to investigate loan or grant funds. Maybe you're looking to...