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Outreach Coordinator at Direct Elevator PR. I help small and medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations reach new customers, retain current ones and engage with them in profitable ways.

Why the Blanket Criticism of Millennials Has To Stop

Everywhere you turn in modern media, there’s another think piece on how Millennials – the generation generally defined as being born between 1981 or...
strong person

7 Traits Of Strong Small Business Owners

Successful small businesses are owned and run by any number of types of people. Some people are great with numbers, others excel at the...
raising money

5 Ways To Get Working Capital For Your Business

Many companies focus on getting working capital, especially in the fields of science and technology. This makes sense; with venture capitalists making prime time...
business idea

9 Small Business Ideas That Cost Less Than $100

Many people think of small business ownership and imagine investing thousands of dollars into a franchise or receiving millions of dollars from investors. While...
thinking women

11 Business Ideas For Women With No Startup Costs

We often think of starting your own business as something that requires a huge commitment in both time and money. In fact,...
young solopreneurs

5 Things Men And Women Do Differently In The Business World

In the business world, there are many factors pushing for more gender equality in the workplace. While women often enter the business...