The Best Service a Blogger Can Provide to Readers

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Do you want to start a blog? Actually, it’s not a bad idea to show off your knowledge and attract visitors to your site.

Did you ask yourself “Where should I start and what is the best service I can provide to my readers?” There are so many posts out there on how to start a blog, and everyone is telling you to do different things.

I had the chance to lay out the same question before these 7 business experts.

Deborah SweeneyDeborah Sweeney
Deborah Sweeney is CEO of MyCorporation Business Service, Inc., and an advocate for protecting personal and business assets for all consumers.

The best service a blogger can provide to readers is usable, relatable information.  When we work with small business owners and entrepreneurs who come to us from our blog, they tell us that the reason they trusted us was because we provided valuable information that was actionable. We helped them to make a decision.

We offered content that could be consumed in small, simple, actionable (and informative) bites. When bloggers keep their focus and are specific in their message, it is easier to truly reach the readers.

Brian D. EvansBrian D. Evans
Brian D. Evans is an Inc. 500 serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, PR strategist and founder of Influencive.

Bloggers typically make the mistake of being self-serving instead of focusing on the readers. A lot of bloggers try to cram in sales messages in their posts, and all it does is make the reader look at you skeptically. Instead, focus on giving valuable insight to the reader and that will work 100x better than any sales message you cram into your article.

Another exercise that I utilize at is ask myself if I could explain the article post on the news in 30 seconds if I was interviewed about it. If it sounds too salesy talking about it in person then it won’t hold up for a reader either.

Ann SmartyAnn Smarty
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogU. She is also the frequent speaker at Pubcon and the host of regular Twitter chats #vcbuzz and #myblogu

One of MyBlogU members did a fun group interview on various services a blogger can provide to earn money. In my opinion, the best service is the influencer coverage. Bloggers work hard to build authority and influence in the industry. It’s only fair if they monetize that work properly by endorsing products (with the proper disclaimer and quality assurance).

John BoitnottJohn Boitnott
John Boitnott is a journalist and digital media consultant. He worked at TV, newspaper, radio, and internet companies for 20 years.

Perhaps the best service a blogger can provide would be diving into a developing trend or product and providing helpful, insightful opinions and information that leave the reader more informed than they were before they read the post.

That’s what has always interested me about being a blogger or reporter – spreading knowledge and helping people with it.

David LeonhardtDavid Leonhardt
David Leonhardt runs THGM Writers, a freelance writing agency that helps clients write books, articles, blogs, press releases, screenplays, and speeches.

The best service a blogger can provide readers is to make them think in a new way, to see a problem or issue from a new angle. How-to blog posts are a dime a dozen. Tool reviews are a dime a dozen. But if you can help readers change their thinking, you’ve provided value.

Gary DekmezianGary Dekmezian
Gary Dekmezian is a professional blogger, freelance writer and digital marketer specializing in providing entrepreneurs practical content marketing and SEO strategies. He is the founder of

I believe bloggers should maintain a sense of responsibility to the communities they serve. As a blogger who has built a loyal following, you have the voice and influence to help readers better their lives. Whether that means assisting individuals or businesses overcome personal or professional issues – financial, emotional, physical, or spiritual – it is your moral obligation to give back to the community who has bestowed that privilege and honor upon you.

So the next time you are writing a blog post, developing a product or service for sale, or engaging in any activity that may affect the lives of others, remember to focus on your reader’s needs first. When you provide that kind of value and genuinely care about your community’s well-being, your readership’s trust and respect become the most powerful part of your marketing strategy, and your blog will continue to grow.

Harleena SinghHarleena Singh
Harleena Singh is a passionate blogger and the founder of Aha! Now life blog. She also offers blogging advice and consultancy.

As a blogger, I can only think of helping my readers. Whether it is on my blog or elsewhere, my posts will always try to solve a problem or contribute insights that make people think and try to adopt ways to bring happiness into their lives.

I think the best service that a blogger can provide to its readers is a solution to their problems, answers to their questions, and the apt feeds to fill their appetite for curiosity and knowledge.


  1. Hi Margarita,

    Thanks so much for adding my two cents, along with so many other blogging friends here, which makes it a great resource for anyone wanting to know the best service we can provide to our readers. Being bloggers, I think we need to give back to our readers, in more ways than one, isn’t it?

    Appreciate the time and effort put into creating such a wonderful post. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Margarita,
    Wonderful information shared in this roundup post.
    Yes, It is indeed a great guide to the newbies in the field of blogging.
    Good to see few of my friends in this expert list.
    Thanks for sharing.
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