Use Facebook Business Page to Engage Customers and Boost Awareness

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You know all the reasons you should have a Facebook page for your business. Billions of daily users, amazing tools to enhance communication, build in ad options that are actually effective. Almost everyone on social media these days, even police are using social media to protect us. For small businesses, social media marketing is no longer an optional choice.

But when you created a Facebook page…nothing really happened. What did you do wrong?

Did you fill out all the fields?

When you created your page, did you make sure your user name was relevant? This is not the time to bust out the Star Wars referencing username that you’ve been using on forums since the early 1990s. “Alexander Plumbing In Charlotte” is going to be just perfect.

Did you fill out the About section, and include your business’s URL?

Did you use compelling, clear, business related graphics?

Customers have come to expect high quality graphics on the Internet. Pixelated graphics that are weirdly stretched to fill the space they have available aren’t going to drive business – at least, not the way you want. If you’re a brand new company and don’t have an in house graphic designer, use a free Internet tool like Canva or PicMonkey to create a banner for your Facebook change, and consider changing it when your marketing focus changes.

Are you pushing multimedia content?

Every single post you make on your Facebook page should have some sort of multimedia attached to the share. It can be a photo, a video, or something else, but it has to be there. Make sure that you share photos that you either own the rights to (meaning that you took them yourself, or have in writing permission from the person who took the photo to use it) or that you’ve downloaded the photo from a website featuring free stock photos.

You can also use photos that have Creative Commons licensing – both Flickr and Google Image Search let you filter images that are licensed for use or modification – but be aware that the owner of the license can change their use restrictions at any time without notification, so this isn’t a foolproof method.

Are you watching your statistics to see which content works?

When you publish a post on Facebook, you will see how many views and interactions (engagements) each post gets. Due to Facebook’s algorithms, every fan of your site will not see every post unless they actually go to your page. Facebook’s algorithms inherently favor posts that are getting more engagement – the more likes a post gets, the more of your fans will be shown the post – and you can also spend money to boost that post further, so that it is seen by a wider audience.

When you see a post that is getting a better than average share of likes and comments, consider boosting that post to get yourself more exposure.

Are you paying attention to time of day when sharing content?

Many of us default to using social media first thing in the morning, often when we’re eating breakfast or drinking coffee, so it may seem obvious that sharing content at that time will get the most views. Unfortunately, lots of companies schedule their posts for first thing in the morning, so you may have difficulty getting through the noise!

Hubspot recommends posting between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. for maximum engagement and clicks, but the most effective method is really to start by making different types of posts at different times on different days and see what engages your audience. After all, you don’t care about typical customers – you care about YOUR customers. Right?

Are you responding to your customers quickly?

More than one-third of your customers expect you to respond to questions on social media within one hour. Is that reasonable for your business? If not, how can you push towards faster response times? Are you getting alerts and notifications in a way that encourages you (or a designated employee!) to respond more quickly?

Are you offering a bonus to your customers for using your Facebook page?

Different companies handle this in different ways. Some businesses choose a coupon code that’s only listed on the Facebook page. Some offer discounts or deals on the Facebook page before other locations. One company in my hometown makes a small donation to a local charity for every Facebook Like they receive on their business page each month.

As always, the key is to understand what motivates your customers, and give it to them.

Facebook can be an amazing tool for your business – if you use it properly. You need to be deliberate with your use, and you’ll be delighted at how it can help drive your business forward.


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