Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

social media marketing

As a small business, creating a strong and motivated social media presence can help you expand the reach of your business. But knowing how to make that happen can be complicated. Many different articles offer generic advice, but if you’re not a marketing expert, how do you put those tips into practice? Let’s talk actionable points to improve your social media presence and reaction.

Divide your social media posts into thirds

You may have heard that your social media posts should be roughly one third related to your field, one third education about your project, and only one third actively sales based. We strongly agree on this point. When all you do is tout your product, customers quickly get bored and tune out.

But by the same token, if you never mention that you sell a product, customers may forget why they like your page or account in the first place, and stop following you.

When you create your editorial calendar, use different colors to show the different types of posts you’re making, so that you’re sure you’re following the appropriate divisions.

Track the reactions to your content

All the experts in the world can agree on a certain piece of marketing advice, but if it doesn’t work for your audience, following it blindly won’t help you succeed over the long run.

One way to track the reaction to your posts is by looking at the number of likes and shares something receives, but you’re more likely to get the results you want by tracking a customer action. Clicking through and signing up for a newsletter, for example, or following a page or account.

Include images

When sharing posts on any social media account, remember that images with graphics or pictures are more likely to stand out from your viewers’ crowded timelines. Make sure your images are royalty free, or that you personally own the royalty rights. You might think that customers won’t notice stolen photos; you’d be wrong. The backlash isn’t worth it when it’s so easy to find graphics that don’t have royalty issues attached to them.

Invite in guest experts

If you feel like you’ve exhausted the things you have to say in your postings, consider inviting in a guest expert to write a few posts. Ask for questions from your fans. Look for other blogs or news in your field, and share the information, commenting on it as you share. Invite your fans to share stories of how they use your product, or look for opportunities to open a dialogue about the product.

Consider outsourcing

It’s entirely possible for a small business to successfully manage its own marketing. It’s also possible for a small business owner to be overwhelmed by the time and attention that are necessary to create high quality marketing.

A small business owner could choose to hire an employee to manage their social media presence and content creation. They could contract those services to a freelancer. Or they could work with an agency that manages many different brands, often by hiring those same freelancers. It all depends on how comfortable the owner feels managing the process of content creation and social media marketing.

If you do decide to outsource your marketing, it’s important to be very clear on what you want. While one freelancer might be able to build you a blog that rocks Google search results and also create a social media presence that’s the envy of your competition, you may also find that one freelancer has talents in one area, while someone else excels in another. By communicating clearly as to what you need, and what goals you want to reach, you maximize the chances that you’ll get the right people in the right positions to make those goals a reality.

Successfully using social media to your business’s advantage can feel overwhelming, or it can be an exciting challenge. By researching how to make your posts the best on social media, you should be able to build your audience, grow your reach, and increase your sales.

What’s the most useful social media tip that someone has given your small business? Tell us in the comments!


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