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  Learn the important aspects of starting a business and find the information you need to succeed.  

woman wearing optical glasses

Does Wearing Glasses You Don’t Need Make You Look Smart?

In the world of business, it sometimes seems like any edge you can get is an important one. Currently, there's a fashion...
freelancer typing on notebook

7 Business Ideas That Don’t Require Huge Amounts of Capital

There are many reasons that people start their own business; they may have a passionate idea that they want to bring to...
people work

Early Signs of a Bad Place to Work

It's generally agreed that a job interview goes both ways. The company is interviewing a potential employee, getting a sense of the person behind...
plant seedling

Myths About Generating Passive Income From Investments

Wouldn't you love to be able to make a few careful investments and then sit back and watch your bank account grow? Anyone would,...
worst business start

Worst Ways to Start a Business

How ready are you to start your business? Have you considered all factors and thought through every scenario? Or are you relying...
lonely boy

3 Steps Which Help Disadvantaged Youth Become Entrepreneurs

As the economic recovery in the United States has shown, small businesses and entrepreneurs are a key factor in building the longstanding success of...

What Makes Entrepreneurship So Attractive

There’s something about saying that you’re going to start your own business that just feels good. It feels empowering, freeing, and exciting,...

How Do You Get More Productive As a Solopreneur

Running a business all by yourself can be hard work and requires high levels of multitasking. But when you constantly switch gears...
health insurance for small businesses

Weighing Health Insurance Options for Your Small Business Employees

Entrepreneurs have plenty to occupy their minds, and health care is likely close to the top of that list for many. Recent...
learn coding programming

Teach Yourself To Code In Time To Launch Your Startup

So you have a great idea for a killer app, web interface, awesome game, or money-making tech—you just don't know how to...