Starting a Business

  Learn the important aspects of starting a business and find the information you need to succeed.  

businessman and businesswoman

Working for Men-Owned or Women-Owned Businesses: What’s The Difference

Over the years, many reports and studies have looked at the differences between men and women entrepreneurs. Some studies have tried to...
man thinking business idea

Should You Quit Your Job Without A Solid Business Plan

Every entrepreneur experiences a moment when they realize they've hit upon a business idea that could make them a millionaire. If they're...
copying another startup

Can You Find Success Through Copying Another Start-Up

It's a valid question. After all, isn't that one of the most common things we think when we see some simple product...
turn business around

Don’t Write Your Post-Mortem Yet: Turn That Business Around!

Whether you agree with the often-cited 80% failure rate for new businesses, or prefer the SBA's more optimistic 50% failure rate, the...
worst business start

Worst Ways to Start a Business

How ready are you to start your business? Have you considered all factors and thought through every scenario? Or are you relying...
learn coding programming

Teach Yourself To Code In Time To Launch Your Startup

So you have a great idea for a killer app, web interface, awesome game, or money-making tech—you just don't know how to...
successful entrepreneur

What It Takes To Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Is entrepreneurship something you can learn? Sometimes, it seems like successful business people come from money. They can afford to attend expensive...