How Technology Is Changing Modern Hiring Processes

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If you’ve found that your company is no longer attracting the very best candidates in the marketplace, you may not be targeting your postings correctly for the modern, tech-friendly atmosphere.

In our busy world, these 7 tips will show you how you can use technology to attract the most interesting potential employees, and make the process of hiring them easier.

Bite Size Job Postings

Forget long, wordy job postings; the modern job seeker wants to see your most exciting position summed up in a headline. They are looking for a job title that will look awesome on social media and make a great impression at family dinners.

Save your detailed job descriptions for the interview process, and make your job posting Twitter friendly for the best responses.

Mobile-Friendly Postings

More and more job seekers are mobile dependent, meaning that their primary Internet access is through their smartphone. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly, and for best results, make your application process mobile friendly.

If you’re not sure how friendly the process is, have an employee spend some time testing it out from their cell phone to find out how it works, and fix it if necessary.

Rapid Response Time

Social media has trained us to expect an instantaneous response to our submissions. When applications are submitted, applicants should receive an acknowledgment right away that their application has been received.

Letting them know as soon as possible whether or not they are being considered for a position will help them feel valued. Whether you are moving forward with their application or not at this time, a quick response will improve your company’s perception.

Better Candidate Access

Modern technology means that companies can now recruit all around the globe. Companies are no longer restricted to their local market to try and find high quality employees. Make sure to communicate that you are hiring on trade blogs, on LinkedIn, and through other social media channels.

Develop a broad understanding of how employees can be part of the office; telecommuting and distance work is becoming much more common.

Look Beyond The Resume

Companies now have the opportunity to look much closer at a candidate than what is presented on their resume. While recruiters do need to be careful how far they delve into an applicant’s online presence, there is some leeway given to exploring a potential employee’s public social media presence. A recruiter might discover, for example, that a candidate has tons of volunteering experience and regularly keeps in touch with past mentees, or that they work with several local non-profits.

If businesses do choose to look further into a candidate’s experience through online exploration and social media, however, they do need to be careful. If they learn information that potentially identifies the candidate as part of a minority group (disabled, a person of color, etc) and then choose not to hire them based on that information, they are potentially perpetuating discrimination. Some companies have opted not to research candidates beyond their professional profiles for this reason.

Application-Tracking Makes Compliance Easy

Human Resources often struggles to make sure that every piece of compliance is completed during the hiring process. One way that technology makes hiring much easier for HR is through application tracking.

Automated systems can make sure that each and every step of compliance is completed as the applicant moves through the process of submitting an application, scheduling an interview, and being hired. If your company isn’t already using software that automates this process for you, it’s time to look into your options.

Employer Branding Focus

One of the biggest developments in the hiring process through technology, particularly social media, has become the importance of the employer brand. Previously, employees were primarily looking to work for someone close by. In big cities, employer brand might matter as companies competed, but in most areas, employees were just working for whoever was close by.

Now, with more potential employees looking for distance work, or willing to move to a new location for their perfect job, employer brand is crucial to attracting the best possible employees. Employer brand is created in many ways: through social media profiles, in how current employees interact with candidates, and in how the employer interacts with customers, to name just a few.

Modern companies have to work harder to hire the best candidates than businesses did just a few years ago. By focusing on these details, however, companies can attract some of the most passionate, motivated, engaged workers that the workforce has seen. Technology is disrupting the hiring process, just as it is having a strong effect on other areas of society.


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