4 Ways Cloud Technology Can Help Small Business Grow

cloud technology helps business grow

As a small business in the modern era, you have unprecedented tools at your disposal to make sure that your business grows, succeeds, and develops in the best possible way. Cloud technology is just one example of the way that modern tech can help even the smallest business get its feet under itself. Here’s how it happens.

Improved flexibility with cloud technology

Even just a few years ago, flexible work environments and schedules were a pipe dream. Even if you had a portable work computer, taking work home was incredibly difficulty; there just wasn’t adequate security in most people’s homes to insure that documents and information would stay protected.

With cloud computing, your computer is accessing a site that has its own protections, meaning that your work laptop stays secure in the office, at home, and in the coffee shop down the street. Need to attend a meeting on the go? Sure, no problem. Weather a nightmare in your area? No hassle, just work from home. Need to access a document even though you’re not in the office? Not a problem.

Cloud computing lets businesses be flexible with both their information and their people.

Improved security for small businesses

It’s not a coincidence that identity theft has increased along with the expansion of the Internet. One area in which small businesses have struggled is in presenting a secure environment for online purchases. With many cloud computing solutions for online payments, however, businesses can opt to outsource their payment processing, letting another company keep track of all the legal and ethical ramifications of the data collection for a reasonable fee, allowing the business to focus on more important things.

Businesses can also outsource the protection of their own digital files and information with cloud backups. On site backups that can be disconnected from the network can technically be safer, but they’re also harder to maintain, and make a dedicated IT department more necessary. For small businesses, cloud solutions are simpler and more effective.

Improved cost/benefit

As a small company, choosing which software you need can be problematic. It can be frustrating trying to decide which program is going to do what you need, and too often, there isn’t a one size fits all solution.

When you choose cloud technology, you often get the benefit of a monthly fee, which is substantially lower than the enterprise edition of most software. You get constant updates, and more dedicated customer support. You can often try out the software for 7 or 14 days to confirm that it will work for your business before you make your choice.

Monthly cloud based budgeting is also helpful when you need to have a firm and solid cash flow projection. No wondering about how you’re going to find the money for a software upgrade, or trying to decide if you can manage to run one more edition on your current computers; if you can use a web browser, you can usually use cloud technology.

Improved collaboration

There are always going to be benefits to putting everyone working on a project in one room with a lot of coffee and snacks and letting them hash out what’s going to happen. But the truth is that not every project benefits from that sort of approach, and some people struggle to work in that sort of group.

Cloud technology opens up all sorts of avenues for group collaboration on a more level playing field. People can collaboratively edit documents, mind map together, or join a Skype call to get the perspective of someone who isn’t able to make it into the office on a given day. Whereas the everyone in the boardroom solution tends to prioritize those who can make it into the office that day, cloud solutions give more opportunities to those who need to be out of the office for some or all of the business day.

As a business in the modern era, you’re facing an incredibly expansion of opportunity and technology. Cloud computing offers you the chance to get your business off the ground without needing to invest thousands of dollars in tech and software before the doors even open. Better flexibility, lower out of pocket cost, and simpler implementation; there’s not much more that a small business owner could ask for!


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