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young millionaire

5 Distinctive Features and Traits of Young Millionaires

In 1985, Tears For Fears said that “everybody wants to rule the world,” but by 1998, that had been changed to the gameshow version...
women entrepreneurs

The Timeless Rise of Women Entrepreneurs: Why Every Year is Their Year

As signs point to the American economy finally shifting into gear after the Great Recession, and years of stagnant growth even after...
paid maternity leave

Is Paid Maternity Leave Good For Business Growth

Roughly half of the U.S. workforce consists of women, many of them married. Becoming a new parent can be daunting for women...
man frustrated

7 Signs You’re Not Hungry To Succeed

If you’ve been considering becoming an entrepreneur, you’ve probably spent time comparing yourself to lists of virtues that show you how great...
business challenges

5 Threats Facing Small Businesses Today

While entrepreneurship is steadily growing, both in the United States and around the world, that doesn't mean that it's easy to run a successful...

4 Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field

Everyone in the marketing world is talking about content marketing and with good reason. Good content marketing can drive your business, position you as...

Why the Blanket Criticism of Millennials Has To Stop

Everywhere you turn in modern media, there’s another think piece on how Millennials – the generation generally defined as being born between 1981 or...
young person

Things You Should Know About Becoming an Investor

An investor is a person or group of people who commit capital with the expectation of financial return. Investment opportunities vary widely...
business people work

4 Ways For Every Millennial Manager to Inspire more Productivity at Work

As a millennial manager, you should not be surprised that a lot more is expected from you. You are younger and expected to...
motorcycle advertising

11 Stellar Free and Low Cost Advertising Tips For Small Businesses

Small businesses need quality customer communication just as much as big business; sometimes even more! But small businesses generally do not have the same...