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Things You Should Know About Becoming an Investor

An investor is a person or group of people who commit capital with the expectation of financial return. Investment opportunities vary widely...

Why the Blanket Criticism of Millennials Has To Stop

Everywhere you turn in modern media, there’s another think piece on how Millennials – the generation generally defined as being born between 1981 or...
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Top Franchise Opportunities For Young Families Under $5000

It’s a tough job market out there, and many modern families are looking for innovative solutions to help their families thrive. Franchises can be...
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5 Reasons Why Women-owned Businesses are the Future

Across the country, women are launching their own businesses at record-breaking rates, turning business plans into everything from self-supporting home-based ventures to...

How Can Solopreneurs Compete With Big Companies

If you’re a solopreneur, a freelancer running your own business, or someone working within the gig economy, it can be hard to...
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7 Traits Of Strong Small Business Owners

Successful small businesses are owned and run by any number of types of people. Some people are great with numbers, others excel at the...
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3 Creative Ways Small Businesses Are Using Snapchat

If you are between 12-24 years old, chances are that you’ve known about Snapchat for years; if you are between 25-34, you’ve probably heard...
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How To Get Certified As A Woman Owned Business

In the business community, we often discuss businesses that are owned by women, and talk about the special programs and contract opportunities...
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How To Transition From CEO To Leader

There comes a time in every young entrepreneur’s life – at least, ideally – where they must make the tough transition from...

6 Ways Real Leaders Tackle Workplace Disputes

The ability manage conflict in a healthy and productive way is one quality that separates good leaders from bad ones. Too many leaders shy...