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ChatGPT: The Invisible Employee in a Solopreneur’s Business

Imagine a world where your business runs smoothly even when you're not around. Seems too good to be true? Guess what, it's...
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Why These 5 Technology Trends Will Dominate Future Standards

If there ever was a debate, it is over; technology dominates our modern world, and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable...
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How Technology Is Changing Modern Hiring Processes

If you’ve found that your company is no longer attracting the very best candidates in the marketplace, you may not be targeting your postings...
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How Can Small Businesses Prepare for the AI Future?

When many people think of artificial intelligence or AI, they tend to think of science fiction. Movies like I, Robot and Terminator...

Why Smartwatches Haven’t Ignited Consumer Passion Yet

A lot of consumers may not have even noticed, while some may be lurking in the background watching developments unfold, but there...
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How Work Automation Trends Are Changing Entire Industries

Since the end of the Great Recession, American businesses have been heavily investing in industrial robots. Robotic workers have been an important part of...
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Social Media and Its Potential Effect on Teenage Suicide Rates

Is social media defining how teens feel about themselves and inciting suicide among our troubled youth? Social media has become a clearinghouse for the...
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Technology Security Risks For Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses often face a difficult middle ground. They don't have the large budgets that bigger companies do for managing...
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Cloud Technology as a Catalyst for Small Business Growth

As a small business in the modern era, you have unprecedented tools at your disposal to make sure that your business grows,...
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How Employees Put Your Data at Risk Without Realizing It

In every business, it's an acknowledged truth that your biggest risk will always be your own employees. Retail businesses see this and...