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6 Visual Marketing Statistics We Should All Know

The idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” has been used for nearly a century to convey the idea that pictures...
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Promotional Product Ideas that Improve your Brand Recognition and Creates Trust Around Your Brand

No business can do without its customers. No matter what products you sell or services you render, you still need customers--and happy...
content writing machine

How To Build A Content Marketing Machine

When you're creating an online business, you hear, over and over, that you need to be a master of content marketing to...
The White House

4 Marketing Lessons from Hillary, Bernie and the Donald

Perhaps the simplest definition of sales and marketing is this: marketing is what you do to attract attention with the goal of...
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What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing Programs For Your SaaS

We are all familiar with the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing. Bloggers or social media mavens sign up on your website to be affiliates...
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Maintaining Customer Loyalty: It’s Not About Offering the Lowest Price

As a business, it's easy to fall into the trap of the discount retailer. You know the stores; the ones that offer...

What Do Small Businesses Get Wrong When Hiring Content Marketers?

We understand that content marketing seems simple initially. However, when you delve into SEO, SERP, keyword research, and other aspects, many entrepreneurs...
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Why Your Employees are Your Best Brand Advocates

When you think about creating and marketing your brand, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Your website, your...
content marketing

Why Content Marketing Works

Since 2002 Google has publicly announced all the algorithm updates they’re making with the sole purpose of improving customer experience. That’s almost...
blog post

6 Types of Blog Posts That Drive Traffic and Sales

When you're developing content for your website and social media channels, how quickly do you run out of ideas? It takes time to develop...